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Mazol Tov! (Wedding Edition)

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Mazol Tov! (Wedding Edition)

Celebrating the union of beautiful couples within the Jewish community. Continue reading to be inspired...


Photographer: Kristen Weaver





Wow! Just look at the beautiful details in this bride's bouquet! The touches of gold in this bouquet really work with the Blush pink roses. This is floral design at it's BEST!




the Beautiful bride and her bridesmaids show off their blush pink gowns and their lovely bouquets.


This couple had a vision, and Raining Roses Productions brought it to life! The woodwork and floral design came together beautifully! 

Prager_Fine_KristenWeaverPhotography_KWPFNE1441_0_low (1).jpg

A close up on the details of the floral design on the chuppah. 


A touching moment right before the groom sees his beaming bride. 


the wedding colors come together in a gorgeous way in the reception decor. Raining Roses created amazing floral centerpieces for each table. 

Prager_Fine_KristenWeaverPhotography_KWPFNE2843_0_low (1).jpg

Check out that detail. Absolutely STUNNING!


Congrats to the mr. & mrs. Thank you for allowing the Raining Roses productions team to be apart of your special union!

Thank you for viewing.

look out for our next blog coming soon! ;)

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